Welcome to IDEUM, where German is not just a language, but a passion. Two generations stand behind our name, each bringing a wealth of experience and a love for teaching. Whether you're starting from scratch or aiming to perfect your skills, our commitment is to guide you to your desired proficiency level.
This is more than just an e-learning platform; it's a collaborative space for achieving linguistic goals. Together, we make German come alive. Join us on this exciting journey!
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Master German

Unlock Your Inner Potential and Excel in Your Career: Your Pathway to Austria with Our Language Courses!

  • Push through, stay committed, and master the German language.
  • Learn from certified trainers and experience authentic Austrian dialects firsthand.

Best Features


Live Sessions

Interactive Zoom classes for real-time feedback

Around the Clock

24/7 access to our online training and e-learning modules.

Language School

 Our Austrian language school family lives and loves the German language.

Tailored Lessons

Our experienced educators adapt content to cater to the specific needs of professionals.

Your success is our goal!

We are an independent language school, a family-run business that has been addressing current issues in education and society for over 15 years. For these challenges, we have developed effective and easily implementable solutions in the fields of language and writing, specific technical languages, and teacher training.

The pursuit of excellence holds the utmost importance for us. We work with passion and joy to provide the best solutions for our clients, and we demonstrate this daily through our objective, straightforward, and reliable working style.

We are characterized by an intensive interdisciplinary approach, which we achieve by combining various personal competencies with decades of educational experience and the practical application of insights from linguistics, cognitive sciences, and learning research.
Our offerings are diverse and cater to individuals, businesses, and public institutions. All services are fully tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients, with a constant focus on placing people at the center of our work.

Learn how you can do it the easy way

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Punctuality and Attendance

Attend classes regularly and on time. A participation rate of over 90% is ideal to ensure continuous learning progress.

Additional Practice

Complete your homework and invest additional time in studying outside of class hours. Always remember: German is the gateway to a successful personal and professional start in Austria.


Learning German requires dedication, and at times, resilience. It won't always be easy, but the effort will pay off. Take the lessons seriously and prioritize German in your daily life.

Active Communication

Speaking is at the heart of any language. Seize every opportunity to speak in German - whether it's during class, with the trainers, or with your peers.

Discuss with others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies

For Businesses

Do you employ staff whose native language is not German?
We will make your employees proficient in the German language. We are your partner for the linguistic qualification of employees. Whether it’s individual training, group courses, industry-specific training, exam preparation, or communication training, we tailor the training to meet your company’s specific needs.

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